Sunday, June 01, 2008


I know I feature a smoked cigarette above. But that’s not the point.

I know many people would think I’ll be talking about the bad effects of smoking. Yes, there are many such as reduced IQ, infertility, lung cancer, many others physically, socially and financially. It’d be cliché and yet ineffectual for me to talk and talk and talk the same thing again and again and again that has been propagated through the mass media by the ministry (read: Kempen Tak Nak Merokok) but has no effective outcome from the public. I am tired but to see no change. Once one is addicted to smoking, it’ll be hard for him or her to stop, although there’s hope; when inspired with du’a and determination. So people, don’t ever attempt to start smoking. We must hate it! But that’s not the point again.

I also know that I have mentioned previously in the entry entitled “Random Facts about Szakif” that I am easily annoyed with the smoke from smoker. A gasp of smoke from cigarette would easily spoil my day, I mean seriously. That does not include when the smoke makes my shirt smells bad. That’ll be even exasperating! But still that isn’t the point.

I also know I wrote an entry telling about my hobby in photography. Well, that’s almost basically the point! The picture that I put above is actually one of my works last time when I attended a wedding ceremony. And, this is the real deal – I have started photoblogging people! Haha~

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Please drop by and don't forget to leave your comment ok? I am open to constructive comments to enhance and develop my skills in photography.

Erm... maybe this blog will be useful for you too. Ehem... it’s you-know-who’s. She shares what she experiences in her current life and during her childhood.


hatifi said...

merokok membahayakan kesihatan.. amaran oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia..

Far said...

aku nak berenti merokok?:/ u smoke zaki?

szakif said...


statement ko memang betol la, tapi tak betol pasal bukan itu yang akan menjadi topik untuk entry akan datang. lalala~


szakif said...


haha.. nampak sangat la ko tak bace entry yang lepas eh, yang bertajuk 8 random facts about Szakif. i said "I am easily annoyed by smoker. Ok, to be more specific, to the smoke from the smokers."


doesnt that explain clearly?


tak esok, lusa aku akan teruskan entry ni ok. tunggguuuu

arshana said...

Say no to smoking?
Ni la orang yg aku tak suka?
Ni cuma lakonan semata2?

moon said...

kandungan yg terdapat dlm rokok

NMZ said...

'Say no to smokers'

Opss, takde niat untuk guessing, but ni pe as salu fikir. If ade anyone yang smoking lalu depan as, time tu gak as terbatuk2 teruk.

Thus, the smoker pun berpaling la sekilas. And as harap itu da cukup bg die sign bahawa die menyumbang kepada kematian orang laen.

Nak mati pun, sorang2 da la, tak yah le nak angkut orang len. Aiseh..

Anwar Yassin said...

gambar tu hebat la zaki. macammane leh amek org tu merokok time dier tak gerakkan tangan dier ? sebab orang merokok ni tangan tak leh berenti. kalau berenti pun sebab rokok dah ad dlm mulut ataupun sebab nk buang puntung rokok.huhuhu.

szakif said...


terima kaseh kerana sudi bertanya dan sudi memuji *blushing.

senang je, minta je baik2 kat smoker tu kate kite nak amik gambar puntung rokok dia. pastu soh tangan dia dok diam2. huhu~ pastu snap! siap..

Anwar Yassin said...

nama ada kesilapan sikit...-anwar-

hehe. ooo. ada keberanian kat situ.leh mintak orang berenti kejap utk di snap. tak nampak asap keluar dari rokok tu. mungkin mase tu orang tu dah lame tak hisap. sebab kalau dier baru je hisap rokok tu. asap mesti ade keluar...

myadlan said...

welcome to fotopages
hehe.. kalo rajin boleh add aku jugak dalam fp k..
tibe2 nk promote jugak..

i'm not really interested in photography tp saje nk wat jgak.

szakif said...


baiklah.. bukan anuar, tapi anwar.. tapi aku suka ejaan anuar la! :p

itu namenye teknik ok~ sila perhatikan betol2.. ade asap ok.. tapi sikit je la.. hu~

hey.. you sounded like an expert when talking about smoke from cigarette. do you smoke? larrrikkk

szakif said...


wah! ko jugak ade fotopages eh.. baik.. melawat!

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