Monday, June 23, 2008

Serve You Right

Disclaimer: None of the characters is true.

Scene 1

Kiki: Teh ‘O’ Limau panas satu!
Mum: Teh panas satu!

After few minutes... the ordered drinks served on their table. The two lovely mum and daughter stirred their drinks.

Kiki: I can see your drink isn’t as hot as mine. I thought you ordered teh panas, mum? Would you still like to drink it? It’ll not taste as good as hot one.
Mum: Let me try… sllrrrpp… ya la.. It’s not hot. Erm... Then?
Kiki: I’ll ask the waiter for a new one eh?
Mum: No la. It’s ok. Kesian... Lagipun, I’ve drunk a little bit already.
Kiki: It’s okay. We pay for it. No kesian kesian. I want you to be served with the best. Waiter! This one isn’t as hot as mine. Could you please provide us a new one, hot one?
Waiter: Sure.
Kiki: It is that easy.

Tax of payment: Nil


Scene 2

In McDonald restaurant. 3 friends bought each same set of breakfast meal.

Faridah: My scramble egg looks fresh, unlike yours. (Pointing to her friends’ meals)
Mimi: Ya la... ours look quite dark, while yours is freshly yellow! This is not fair! (smelling the egg) and they smell different too.
Kiki: (smelling the egg to check, not believing yet) Ok. Fine I’ll go and see the manager.

After few seconds...

Kiki: Could you please tell us why there’s difference between these scramble eggs?
Manager: (after observing the eggs for few seconds) Owh... this is because we used different cooks to cook them bla bla bla different stock bla bla bla… But it’s okay. We’ll replace with new ones.
Friends: TQ.

After that, the manager took away the 2 weirdly look and smelled scramble eggs and immediately threw them into the bin, right in front of the 3 happy-but-not-really friends. After few minutes, they got their new fresh scramble eggs and they had fun all day long after that.

Tax of payment: 5%


Scene 3

Kiki: Waiter! Order!
Waiter: Yes, may I have your order please? (while handing out the menu book)

Kiki searching the best menu to suit her appetite and budget.

Kiki: I want this pizza, and spaghetti. For the drink, I’d like to try this. Soh*$%^&^%. Erm... how to pronounce this?
Waiter: Soh*$%^&^%.
Kiki: Owh. Give me that one, one.

After few minutes…

Kiki: Waiter! I want some more cheese, may I?
Waiter: Sure.
Kiki: And I want to add some more. Give me another pizza. Same one.

After few minutes after getting her second pizza…

Kiki: Waiter! I think this isn’t the one I ordered. I wanted the same pizza, but this one doesn’t taste the same like the first one.
Waiter: Ok, I’ll find you a new one ya?

Then she gets her ordered pizza, the correct one.

Kiki: Buuurrrppp… I think I want to bring this pizza home. My stomach is full already. Could you please tapau it?
Waiter: Sure.
Kiki: And please add some more cheese on the pizza. It’ll taste better. And don’t forget to provide extra tissue. My kids may need it.
Waiter: Sure.
Kiki: Erm... one more thing to add.
Waiter: What?
Kiki: Some honey on your lips.

Tax of payment: 10% including serving tax.


Moral of the story: The more tax applied, the more Kiki will be fussy. It's all about being the best consumer for the best price.


ILA said...

Zaki kekenyangan selepas mghabiskan 1 mangkuk mee kari & laksa penang.
selepas tu..perutnya kesakitan..
& seterusnyaaaa..errr..blablablablabla..hihikkk:p

ILA said...

What's with the 2 pictures above?

errrr...full & sleepyyyy???
tui takkk??

alifzaimimra said...

buang tebiat n kekenyangan yg melampau..hehe

Master J said...

Seriously x paham!!!

Unknown said...

kak ila..

salah.. tak lame pas akak teka saya da buat entry nye. huhu.. akak sangat cepat membuka blog saye. tau2 je saye nak update. haha~

Unknown said...


salah juge.. huhu..

takpe2. entry sebenar sudah direvealkan.. thanks for guessing :D

Unknown said...

master j...

hehe... i thought you are smart enough to understand it? huhu~ gurau2...

Unknown said...

customer is always right~


Unknown said...


ye betol! kita bayar perkhidmatan diorang (walopun sebenarnye kalo tak boleh takmo bayar charge servis tu) so diorang kena la layan kite sebaik2nye kan~

ni senyum pun tak nak ape ke hal?

wénkt said...

tak abih abih lagi ke apa yg ko fikir tu?

Anonymous said...

r u referring to me, MJ? hhmm...

As said...


Hak pengguna untuk service terbaek dengan harga tax yang dibayar

Unknown said...




erm.. papepun, dah lame tak dengar ayat2 ko..! welcome!!!

Unknown said...


sorang lagi..


did i miss anything between the two of you, MJ and hawa?

Unknown said...


that's right. itulah point yang sebenarnye :D

pernah tak as hadapi apa2 perkara yang memerlukan as berlaku cerewet dengan pekedai? citer ah sket.

:: !zyan :: said...

haa...creative tol dak zaki ni...bgs2

Unknown said...

kak izyan...

kreatif eh? well.. honestly i dont expect anyone to say that. creative drpd segi ape eh? huhu...

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