Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Being Busy

It’s been a while I haven’t updated this blog. To be frank, it took me quite minutes to finish an entry in English. As I’m not that good in this language, so that’s why I am pretty slow when it came to writing in English. Back to the point, that’s why I didn’t update this blog because I have got to spend at least 30 minutes to write but unfortunately I didn’t have it as my time was spent for many other urgent matters.

It’s already the fourth week of the semester and therefore study is getting busier yet tougher. Assignments, lab reports, discussions, co-curricular activities – all those consumed my time that put me away from the side of my blogging world. Besides, the weekend also has been filled with tiring but delightful and enjoyable activities. Up to now, all my following weekends have been set with least tentative activities. Let me list them down:

3-5 August – A special RM70 package holiday to Pulau Tioman
11-14 August – Jobmarket programme held somewhere in Klang Valley
18-19 August – Expected to be filled with angklung training at UIA Gombak
25-26 August – Expected to be filled with angklung training at UIA Gombak
1-2 August – Expected to be filled with angklung training at UIA Gombak
6-10 August – Going to Bandung for the festival (these are weekdays though)

Ok, what can I do now is to pray to God for my days will go on smoothly and I hope those activities will not affect my academic running. Thus I have to be really unbiased between the two of academic and non-academic fulfillments. Ameeen..

Went to Cherating, Pulau Balok, and Club Med in one day. Basically and personally, they weren't as nice as what people describe.


I've cut my hair. Ok, better word - "trim", not cut.


ILA said...

hemmm..padanler..dah lama x nmpak bayang org d sna:(
4 yr kind info, i wl update my new entry. Entry yg akan buatkan dirimu rasa kecewa jua....
knapa??? tunggguuuuuuuu~~~~!!!!!

Unknown said...

hm.. akak bace je la ape yang saye odahkan kat sini..
tak sabar rasenye nak bace akaknye entry..

azuwa said...

yo zaki!! silap tarikh tu!

6-11 SEPT. 07 - go to Bandung, ok~

DaRk AnGeL said...

kau bus aku pun busy..
tp ni sempat aku bertandang kejap ni ha..
aku and ihab nak buat ni gathering nih...
tapi stuck nk dptkan dtae..
biler kau free weh~?

Unknown said...

wah! i was informed by syuk saying it'll be until 10th only. but 11 will do also. lagi lame lagi best! (kot?)

patutla pun ko da jarang bertandang ke sini. ko pun busy jugak rupenye. takpe2.. let's cope with it.
walopun aku state tiap hujung minggu aku dade program, tapi kalau aku ade kat area kl, aku sanggup luangkan sikit mase dengan korang. just say when, and i'll try to fit myself with it. k?

Anonymous said...

BANDUNG Schedule has been arranged.. will be posted in IAG page later.


moon said...

itula namanya student kan zaki. kalo ta suke, contohila akak. dok d umah je. haha

Unknown said...

okeh! set!

kak moon..
hm.. tu la pasal~

Adlan said...

r u going back n fourth to gombak evry weekends?


u r going to bandung!!! yeay..

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