Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The New Semester Starts Rocking!~

I started the second semester here in this new campus in Kuantan with mixed reactions. I felt so happy because I can see my friends, lecturers and most importantly I can gain more knowledge here. But it’s also sad when I have to leave my parents and the rest of my family members there in kampong, living their live without me (again). Sob sob...

What I love most above this first week of the semester is that we can start the lectures from the very first day! (although I was absent from it. hehe…) I don’t know the schedule has been pasted on the office bulletin board, so I just took things for granted and assumed no lecture in the first day. But when the lecturer sent a message to a friend of mine that morning, only then we knew it’s time to get started – lectures and study! This proved the kulliyyah has been ready to serve the students despite the difficulties we faced last academic year when we moved to this new campus. Clap clap clap...

This semester I’m taking 4 core courses which are Pathology, Biostatistics, Immunology and Pharmacology that count for 13 credit hours. Another 3 credit hours are for the subject named Management for Non-EMS student and one credited co-curricular subject, Volleyball I. Summing them up, there are 16.5 credit hours to be completed this semester. Wish me all the best for the coming 4 months ya?

Apart from that, although the classes have started, but we still have many empty slots to be filled with activities especially in the evening. Last Monday, we went out for shopping and most memorably, we went to bicycle shop! Huhu... Yes, Safwan bought a retro-looked bicycle after being instructed by his mother to buy one so that it can be used to go to classes. The next day, we went to the nearest lake next to the campus for eye-and body-exercising. Hehe... and being typical Odah members, snapping pictures was unavoidable. Enjoy the pictures! :-)

During accompanying Safwan buying the bicycle.

Safwan was "rambang mata" when choosing the best bicycle that suits him.

Riding bicycle is not allowed in the park, but who cares? We don't hit people! Huhu~

As if stepping on the hill, but not so la~

Let's guess how tall is this tree?

We found these kids hanging their bodies soooo effortlessly. We were amazed!

Tak nak kalah! But I succeed from end to end i tell you! This prove how light I've been. ;p

This kid is sooo cute. Anak sapa la ni~

Besides the flexible upper, I also have flexible waist.

See... I can do lower level than that. That's why I always win in Limbo Rock! Owh yes, don't forget my height.

This is faqar's retro-looked Kodok car. Comel la!

Safwan and his bike. Also comel!

No comment. I've seen this picture before this but when seeing it by my eyes, I now believe this shop's name is not a lie!


moon said...

fook yiew? nape ngan fook yiew tu? btw, kem slm ngan kwn2 zaki yg akak slalu nmpk mkn kat CTS cafe tu. hehe

szakif said...

kak moon..
ketara akak ni berhati bersih.. tak nampak ke apa2 similarity fook yew dengan sumthing yang offensive? huhu~

insya Allah saya akan sampaikan salam akak tu~

azuwachan said...

heheh... baru dpt apa yg zaki ingin sampaikan dlm gambar syarikat perniagaan berkenaan, huhu.
kite ni mmg sow sikit nak tangkap maksud tersirat disitu.
oh, kem slm kat budak2 kuantan yek, especially safwan. nampak macho plak dia bwk beskal tuh xp

azuwachan said...

not sow, but *slow*

szakif said...

sorang lagi yang berhati bersih~ hoho..
insya Allah aku akan sampaikan salam ko tu kat safwan~

aIn said...

huY0o dahsyat jgk yer? dpt turun smpai cmtu? from d pictures, it was so obvious! hehe tahniah la! =)

nnti nak dtg gombk, p la swimming kt swimming pool tu,

tp dah cukup kurus kut? =j

i heard swimming bgus jgk utk kuruskan badan,it includes the whole body exercise

just a suggestion

tp kalo kurus sgt pun xelok tau, udah2 ler tu,hehe
let it be just nice huh? =j

btwen 2 extremes, let choose the middle of the both~


moon said...

oh, akak ni lampi zaki. haha

szakif said...

kat kuantan ni takde swimming pool kat dalam campus, so swimming susah sket. ade, tapi kat luar rr. jauh~ TQ though~

kak moon..
saye tau ;p kidding!

Mohammad Ihab Ismail said...


Wahahahaha... Your LAST PIC had me laughed like tuuuuuuuuuuttt LOL..

Wow.. Aku cakap betul la.. Aku yg jauh lagi ringan dari ko ni pon CAN NEVER DO THAT 'how low can you go' thing.. Bravo la wey.. Ni cabaran ni!! Kena berlatih LOL

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