Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Meeting My Twin

I always dream to have twin. I don’t know why, but this feeling keeps asking me to find one. No, I mean facially twin.

I still remember when I was about 7 years old, I met someone whose face very similar to mine during a kenduri in my relative’s home. But that time I was so shy to talk to him. Then I just looked at him from distance.

Then, yesterday, a friend of mine told me that he met someone who’s really the same way like I am, facially and behaviorally. I don’t know what he meant by ‘behaviorally’ but that sounded great! Great, because at last I can meet him (may be he is not the one I mention above) but the thing is, I can contact him – someone who looks like me!

So I asked the beloved friend of mine to asked for his number or any other way (friendster, blog, email etc) that I contact him because the ‘facially and behaviorally twin of mine’ is a friend of my friend’s girlfriend. Got me? Haha~ it sounds confusing right?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to knowing him.

Apart from that, so far in my 21-year-old-to-be-next-October I have met about... er.. let me count...

Usman and Umar
Amir Izudin and Amir Izuan
Rafique and Zarique
Johan and his not-so-resemble female twin
who else huh?

...who are or were close to me. So being with them put me into confusion sometimes that I cannot differentiate which one is which. But after long gaining relationship with them I slowly could see their differences, although not so distinctive.

I asked one of the couples, “seronok tak jadi kembar?” and the answered, “TAK! Pasal nanti orang akan banding bezakan si abang dengan si adik kembar”. Owh... is that it? Then I asked another couple and they answered, “SERONOK pasal jadi perhatian kalau jalan beriring”. Owh... capub-kind of person they seemed.

If you have twin, what would you say? To me, I just love to have one.


baez-kun said...

btw ada twin memang best
bole nyamar
tapi kat rumah mesti bilik kongsi
jadi tak minat

Anonymous said...

Yup ! K.Sya also love twin couple.
But...v must remember somethg.4 everythg in d world there is good & bad. Depend with ourself how to handle colleague have twin.the smart boy's Kevin & Edvin.
she feel proud 2 hv twin in d family but d problem is some people cant recognise which Kevin @ Edwin . the school techer also always make mistake callg them.

Zaki, i redy take note yr birthdy date. so Ramadhan time.anywy still can celebrate after terawih prayers. jemput semua jemaah surau potong kek..bley?

Anonymous said...

Errr...what u want 4 gift?
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!!masa dah tamat!!!!

x payah ler...doa je dah cukup..

lutfi lukman said...

hmm...i didn't really recognize my face until after spm i guess.. Wouldn't know if this guy or that guy looked similar to me :p But now, the wardrobes in UIA have mirrors. Mine is always open. So, i somewhow mirror myself a lot. If i see my face somewhere else, i think i'd recognize it now. Let's see if i could recognize my twin in the future :p

Unknown said...

ok... for your info, i didnt expect this entry to be posted... i thought it wasn't successfully posted coz i used the hopeless wireless connection when posting it.. but today i see my blog, what the heck? posted? anyway... not a big deal~


kak ila~ you know uh when is my birthday?

hata~ so ur stand is? to have or not to have?

luppi~ motif tak kenal muka sendiri??? anyway my table have small mirror, so i see my face more frequently than you do... hahaha~ matila berlagak~

baez-kun said...

nope, it's destined that my mom gave a birth to one lucky boy and i'm way grateful to the Lord for the bestowed mercy upon His creation

Anonymous said...

I don't really wish for a twin, but I want a big brother! dat would be cool but since I'm the first children in the family, hope..hohoz...
People always said me and Sarah (budak Angklung) look alike but I don't think so...we're a WHOLE lot different..facially and behaviourally...

Anonymous said...

dont wory..i know yr birdy date. if not mistaken on 11 October lo~~. Hazlyn also on Oct.

(put in my diary 4 everyone birdy date)

diya said...

huhu ms kat mtrik dl, ada 2 pasangan kembar yg diya knl..

slh satunya ialah rumate diya sndiri.. memule mmg 2 terkezut gak nengok adk die sejibik mcm die.. hihi tp diorg ni xmcm adk kembar lgsg.. xrapat!klw jmpa pn buat acuh xacuh je.

satu pasangan lagik.. huhu pegi kemana msti berdua.. suke tgk diorg bila pki baju sama.. sore pn nk sama.. msti xcam mana satu akak, mana satu adk.. rapat sangat!

Unknown said...

sarah ngan fairuz kembar? tak dok aih... jauh panggang dari api~

kak ila... hehe~ terang2 kat profile saye bagitahu bila tarikh lahir saye... kantoi~

diya... selamat datang :D

puteri nad said...

suka ok kalo ada twin..memang aku berharap ada aku x mo kembar seiras aku nak ada abang kembar ..hehehe

wénkt said...

ahaks.. wan pun teringin nak ada kembar.. cam best je...

boleh ngumpat sesama, prabih duit sesama..

share lesen kereta! haah

Anonymous said...

best tau ade kembar ni.. dpt share mcm2..
aku pon nk kembar gak..

Adlan said...

yea.. some ppl also told me that i've one too..

just wait n see la..

kalo jodoh x kemana.. keke

Unknown said...

haha~ mula2 aku fikir lain bila bace ayat adlan kat atas ni... muahahha

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