Friday, September 01, 2006

2 Programs

On Monday night, I had a program named Graduation Night held in Vistana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I was the one who in charge in Special Task Bureau where the presents, name tags, invitation cards, bus booking, and certificates are among my job scope.

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The program simply ran smoothly where no big changes had been made except that my dearest friends’ performance was cancelled due to inappropriate substance. To be frank, I wasn’t agreed with the performance but thank God it was cancelled. Imagine while you are having your greatly delicious and mouth-watering dinner and suddenly people give a poem about killing, suffering, and all. Is it appropriate?

However, the only one performance that night was from a group named EVOL. To me they performed well. It’s actually unusual to find such band consisting of trumpet and saxophone player and keyboarder, besides those basic drummer and guitarists and vocalist of course. Er… could you find other vocalist?

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About the theme that night, it called “KL by Moonlight”. Most of the female guests followed it but not the males. Even the one voted to be King that night didn’t show the spirit of the theme. But it was good that he admitted he didn’t follow the theme but people vote him, what can he do right? This one, I have to blame the person-in-charge to choose final three candidates. But big applause to the girls! Korang memang world la! My mouth could not stand to stop laughing minute to minute looking them making jokes during photography session.

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With King that Night. "Jakarta by Moonlight" yeah?

About the meals that night, nothing else to say but full of waste! I wonder where those chefs behind the kitchen threw those uneaten foods and drinks. And I wonder if I bring tupperware, surely I’ll share my full stomach with my roommates! Anyway, the buffet-served meals were outstanding especially the satay and its kuah. Seriously, traditional foods attracted me a lot that night than western ones.

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Don't know what this is, but it's delicious!

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Paprik beaf.

All in all, I hope I’ll be selected to be committee for Graduation Night next time but please, don’t put me under Special Task again. I’m sick of designing name tags! But don’t put me under Sponsorship please... Am I too choosy?

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With Lutfi.

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Some of the seniors.

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Now i know how to make this thing.

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The view from our room at Vistana Hotel.

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Two days later, there was Merdeka Celebration and Closing Ceremony for the 22nd Convocation of the IIUM both held together at the same time, same venue. To save budget I think. Hehe...

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Imagine a van packed with 15 angklungians.

However, I couldn’t be there right on-time because I had angklung practice so I missed the earlier performances. Team II of Angklung Club also performed that night but Pak Dadang (the trainer) wasn’t satisfied with us so we had to do training again and again even an hour before our actual performance! We supposed to play 3 songs; Tanggal 31, Sejahtera Malaysia and Jalur Gemilang but Pak Dadang cancelled the Tanggal 31 song because we played horribly for that song. To me personally I felt relief with that decision because it was a hard song to be played by angklung. The tempo is fast and the tendency to play out of tempo is high there. Fuh... lenguh tangan beb main lagu tu!

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The crowd. See the smoke, this is actually after bunga api meletop-letop.

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Last time performing with Angklung Club.

When it’s time for us to perform, I felt so happy and I want to play the best I can because that was my last moment performing with Angklung Club since I’ve made my mind to quit from that club in September. I need to focus on my study after this. Sorry guys for this decision. And it worked! We played very well that night compared to last Saturday. I saw sincere smile from Bapak’s face indicating that he satisfied with us. Alhamdulillah... I told him that I will not join any other performance after this and he didn’t say anything on that but asking where will I go. I answered “ Saye pindah Kuantan sem depan, Pak!”. He replied, “Owh katanya mahu bukak kelab angklung di sana”. Owh I hope that will come true!

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Wawachan... Nice to know you...

After we performed, we straightly went to keep the angklungs into the practice room before celebrating the 12.00 am of 31st August 2006 together with other IIUM students at Male Sport Complex. The celebration was out of my expectation. So hilarious! After singing Negaraku and Jalur Gemilang songs and praying du’a, there were Tarian Singa and Zapin performances.

Throughout my 21-to-be year’s life, that was the first time I watched Tarian Singa right in front of my eyes. They dancers were very skillful that they didn’t miss any of the pillars the stepped on. I was amazed. Next, the Zapin dancers also performed well although they didn’t as soft as children dancing for Siti Nurhaliza on Cindai of AJL ’96.

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Tarian Singa.

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Zapin dancers.

All in all, I felt so happy lately although all things are very time- and energy-consuming. I will not find any of these in Kuantan after moving next semester because the campus has nothing but lackfulness.

Apart from that, I’ll be having few midterm examinations on 7th – 20th of September. Maybe this blog will have no update up to that period because I really need full attention on scoring those papers. Amin... may good results be on my side.

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I'm going to miss this some time after this. Sob sob...

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Meout. So hungry la...


Unknown said...

Any grammatical error checking is welcome~ i'm working hard for my english actually...

Anonymous said...

i'm also not so excellent except formal letter only can go through.

Lantas BM saja..bley? hehehe...

Hmmmm..byak2 bnda kat atas tu,gmbar makanan je yg teramat terta..rik d pagi ini. Lantas tiba2 je terasa lapar lambang x breakfast lagi . so..NAK GI PENTRY!!!!wat sandwich sajor le..

puteri nad said...

okie nnt aku check
tp english aku pon terabor..
maka mana2 yg major aku tau sajorlah okie..

ki aku da ada internet balik..hahaha

baez-kun said...

will also be commenting later

DaRk AnGeL said...

grammer error? ok jer.. aa lah sket2 tu tapi boley lagi lah nk paham..
so, kau pun nk hibernate jua lambang nk focus pada study?
good luck eh~!

puteri nad said...

wokeh zaki,

I was the one who in charge in Special Task Bureau -who ___ in charged of

I wasn’t agreed with the performance but thank God it was cancelled- I _____ agreed ...

However, the only one performance that night was from a group named EVOL-However,the ____ ___ only performance..

It’s actually unusual to find such band consisting of trumpet and saxophone player and keyboarder find such _ band consisting of ...

hmm basically banyak minor grammar je and penanda wacana .tp ko isi sendiri kat atas wokeh..

aku nak baca entry pasal ayah kau plak

DaRk AnGeL said...

oh nad sgt rajin membetulkan~!

baez-kun said...

aku pon english berterabo jua
tapi dari ape yang aku nampak, ko cam translate dr bm ke english kadang2 ikut ayat bm jua :)
kalo dapat menjadikan ayat tu ayat2 english, lg best, tapi ok je kot~~

puteri nad said...


Anonymous said...

ye lah...agree jua..bley?hehehe;p

Unknown said...

trimas atas komen2 anda~ we'll what hata has pointed out is the very same thing what my lecturer said... hehe~

puteri nad said...


Unknown said...

apakah nad~ lambang jejak kembali ke sinikah? huhuhu~

puteri nad said...

aku memang slalu sajor wujud di blog ko

Adlan said...


english revolution..

keyboarder - x
keyboardist - better kot..

15 people? i've ride but only 11 people

Mohammad Ihab Ismail said...


Ha ah aku baru perasan doh!
SZakiF tetiba tukar pakai bahasa English :P
Sangat tak terperasan sampai la baca ko nyer entry comment sendiri cakap suruh comment pasal English ko miehehee...

Aku tanak komen pasal English please...
English aku tak PERRRRRfect gitu...
So aku mmg tokse ngomel pasal English org lain...

Ni ha nak cakap...
Jadahnya ko skang jadi pemain Angklung??
I thought u normally opt for a singing career rather than percussionist??

So next year nyer dinner aku nak demand ko nyanyi ok!
Stop being an ANGKLUNGer or ANGKLUNGist or whatever it is called in English - i never give a damn as long as u know what i meant hehe...

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