Monday, August 28, 2006

Long... long... Saturday

Ok… I promise this gonna be a long story of my Saturday. Started with locked cupboard and ended with an extremely tired body.

I knew that I left my room key the night before at angklung practice room but I didn’t realize that the key for the cupboard is attached to it. So in the morning, it turned chaos that I cannot open the cupboard to set me up for that morning’s performance. Ok, Zaki... relax... that must be solution for this – kopak!

And it was a shock to know that it was as easy as that. Not much energy to break the padlock where I just took not more than 5 seconds! And I wonder how safe my laptop inside the cupboard whenever I’m not in the room. But no worry coz there is another one padlock at the cupboard. The one I broke, that’s it. Bye bye! Rosak!

After wearing all required attire for the performance, I stepped up to angklung practice room where we have to gather and get ready for the performance. Our performance wasn’t for the VIPs and guest IN the hall, but OUTSIDE where visitors who cannot enter the hall will be entertained with numerous of performances and quizzes. I wonder how angklung gonna make it if we are asked to perform along the graduation program while it is in progress. Bapak lenguh tangan macam tu!

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Macam biase la bila Konvo kat UIA ni, jem!

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Motif bersakit-sakitan ketika Konvokesyen?

Ok... about the angklung performance. The Puji-pujian song was tremendously horrible! ONE: because we cannot hear the keyboard sound and TWO: because one note didn’t play, the rest also did. Why? Pity Bapak Dadang for training us so long and hard but the result wasn’t as expected. Sorry Bapak!!! And the next Enjit-enjit Semut was done smoothly as well as the Iktiraf song.

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Geng angklung yang best!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mase perform yang tak berapa nak best ^_^

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Makanan Sultan yang tak habis, kitorang lahap. Janji free!

Just right after we dispersed from the stage, I was asked by one of my senior in Kulliyyah of Science to take part in a quiz on the same stage. It was about Kemerdekaan. God! What do I know about Merdeka? Fortunately, the 5 questions I drew were not that hard except this question: Siapakah Menteri Pelajaran sekarang? And I silently looked at that question and have time to think and recall the name. Hoho... it’s Dato’ Hishamuddin bin Tun Hussein Onn right?

Er... is it right to say there are two animals in logo of Malaysia but they are from the same species? The question was: Berapakah banyakkah haiwan dalam logo Malaysia? I played safe by answering like the above. Hoho... I applied Taxonomy there... At last, I won the quiz but I shared first place with another one contestant for yielding full mark. Takpe la.. Aiman tak kisah~

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Mencabut soalan sambil jeling-jeling sedikit.

Then I went back to angklung practice room where we had a post mortem. In the meeting, each of us was given opportunity to say anything and when it came to my turn, I announced that performance for today is the second last one before I quit from the club to concentrate on my study in second half of this sem. I heard Wawachan said “alaaaa...” to express her frustration of this decision. Sorry Wawa, this is final. It’s time for me and my books.

After that, I moved to Medical Exhibition organized by students from IIUM Kuantan campus. It was nice to see friends that been long not seeing them since we apart after matriculation. I tried many experiments and asked many questions about their courses and machine they displayed. The one really attracted me was my fat level in my body. What the heck? I’m pre-obese? Owh God, got to do something now! Exercise? Less eating? Aaarrrgghh!!! Well, I don’t think that I’m that fat, just a lil’ bit plump. Maybe my heavy bones contribute most of the 96.6kg weight. Hoho... More interestingly, that someone special was right beside me when I consulted the dietitian-to-be. ^_^

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Mendapatkan nasihat dietition-to-be, Farid (member odah yang terpisah kat Kuantan nun)

The sun was just right 90 degrees of my head while my friends and I went out to Safwan’s house to take some things and have lunch there. The lunch was great! Dah lama tak makan siput sedut. After hanging out about 3 hours there, we departed and drove straight way to One Utama to buy some more things for Graduation Night at Heinode Shop. Wahaha~ merasa la hadiah 5 hengget je those VIPs.

And the last program to join today; Biomedical Science Gathering! It was about 9.00 pm and the program was started already. We were late! Anyway, along the program, I enjoyed very much to have such mouth-watering barbeque, hot dog, nasi goring etc. Wah~ hari ni asyek makan je!

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3 odah yang mencari roomate keempat di Kuantan nanti... hohoho... Bapak sentap Zubir...

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Makanan yang tak kurang sedapnya~

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Takde caption, blur~

The program ended at about 12.30 am. So tired but still I have time to write this entry by using this slow-running computer. Amazingly, it’s in English!

Summary of the day:

6.30 – 8.00 : Making up for Angklung Performance and for the whole day.
8.00 – 10.00 : Angklung Performance
10.00 – 11.00 : Merdeka Quiz
11.00 – 12.00 : Angklung Post Mortem
12.00 – 1.00 : Medex Exhibition
1.00 – 5.00 : Safwan’s Home
5.00 – 9.00 : One Utama
9.00 – 12.30 : Biomedical Science Students Gathering
12.30 – 2.00: Tidying up room and type this entry.
2.00 - ... : terbongkang atas katil

Ahad... Hm~ tak banyak yang menarik melainkan aku menang tempat keempat acara Explorace, Medex. Seronok gila walaupun nombor 4 saje~


Anonymous said...

Tengok nie...x yah d jemput dah reti nak dtang sndiri. Baik betul kakak ko ni Zaki..(sambil t'sengih..)

Hmm..baca gak kat paper ttg konvo kat uia nie. i'm notice sang puteri Sultan Kelantan juga ada sekali d sana.Zaki x berani nak m'dekatinya ker..hehe:p

puteri nad said...

haha camner lak nak dekati puteri sultan kelantan..dah dia bizi dok sebelah special someone sebelah dietician..kekek

oitt ki,
aku nak balik udah..maka aku melambai2 sajer pada ko~ bye bye bye

Anonymous said...

babaibaibaibaibai princess~~~~~
(mewakili Zaki yg serba busy)

DaRk AnGeL said...

byknyer aktivti kau..
udah2 ler tuh.. belajar2.. belajar...

Anonymous said...

hmmm...Syifa ko dtg c-ni lak..apasai x gi my jenguk2 saner!!(dgn nada amarah~~~)

Unknown said...

ala kak ila ni macam tak paham plak~ ade la tu~ hehe~ :D

Anonymous said...

ONE: because we cannot "here" the keyboard sound

betul ke here.... supposed to be "HEAR".... sila sedar n betulkan.....
harap maklum....

Unknown said...

ok thank you anonymous... i'v corrected it.

puteri nad said...

wow da ada lak pengomen..takperla

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