Monday, February 28, 2011

Facebook Abuse and Misuse

All these while we think that misusing and abusing Facebook are limited to using it for bad purposes only. But let's widen the horizon, open new perspectives, and expand the definitions of misusing and abusing Facebook:

  1. When a friend invites you to an event, you do not reply to his invitation. Not even answering it as "might be attending", letting him questioning. That's not good, peeps.
  2. Again about replying. Your friend sends you a message but you do not answer it, with intention. Be it with any valid reasons or not, that is again misusing Facebook, or is it miss-using? Either one, reply la! Tell him your response about his concern. Telling him that you don't want to answer is also an answer, at least. Tell him that politely. He'll understand.
  3. Your friend uploads some pictures about his recent activities. But obviously you were not invited to his event. Then you start thinking bad about him for not inviting you. Great, again, miss-using the Facebook. You have the time to think bad about him, but you don't have time to think good about not being invited. Come on, you have your own life. Our journeys are not always intersected. 
  4. Your friends have their good days - birthday, receive good news about their life, etc. So, wish them. Make them happy. At least click the Like button if there are such posts on their walls. What's the meaning of being friends if we're not supportive and caring? Are you a stalker, then?
  5. You browse your friend's profile and pictures. The more you browse, the more questions you have in mind. Then you make your own easy conclusion without asking the real answer from the profile owner. You just assume, and then you assume that what you assume is true. Then shame on you. Why don't you just send him a message and ask him personally? Whether or not he would answer your question, that's another story. But at least, ask. Do not simply assume. And worst, do not assume what you assume is true.
  6. You do not agree with your friend's post. You judge him. You do not talk to him for some time. You think that you'll forget that over time. But that over time is so over the time that you don't know when it will and would be the time. You choose to live with hatred. Rather than being judgmental and living with hatred, why don't you say your concern to him? Tell him what you have in mind. It's OK to disagree. Be prepared to disagree. Agree to disagree. It's a dull world if everyone agrees with everyone. And it's also a chaotic world inside yourself if you keep the judgement and hatred. 
These are just few examples. There are many, the ones that I think many others can list them down. 

Facebook is a medium of communication. The medium is there, but do we communicate?


Sara said...

Terima kasih zaki utk entri. buat aku terpikir. entah2 aku pnah terbuat..haha. all fb users should read this. maybe dorang tahu tapi buat2 xtau..huhu

it's jenn. said...


Loan calculator said...

nice article

{she-who-must-not-be-named} said...

ko la senior yang paling amek berat kebajikan junior bro.timo kaseh deh :)

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