Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Video: Talk on Organ Donation from the Islamic Perspective @ HUKM

The video above is the last part of my speech during the talk. Pardon the low quality of the audio.

Basically in the video I explained some quotes from the Ulama' regarding organ donation namely Sheikh Yusuf al-Qardawi, Sheikh Zaki Badawi and Ustaz Hasrizal. All of them encourage organ donation and in his blog post, Ustaz Hasrizal declared that he has put his signature to be an organ donor.

I found some minor mistakes in the speech and that's exactly the point for recording the video as I wanted to see how I delivered the speech so that I'll improve what needed to be improved.

May Allah bless my effort. Amin.


qayyumstudio said...

wahh talented speaker lah!!
congrat bro :D

myadlan said...

wah.. cayalah bro. way to go. ala tapi audio bergema. sempat wat lawak lagi. nice

nur hidayah isa said...

style gile awak :)

shamarol said...

cool. hebat2. teruskan usaha.

atbk said...

'romantik' rupenyer sore ko szakif..
aku bajet ala2 pembaca berita tv3 ke, pengulas sukan ke..

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