Saturday, March 29, 2008



I think it’s time for me to refresh writing in English. I’ve been pampered writing in Bahasa which I found far easier to do and to think of. That explains why I use this blog to improve my skills in thinking and writing in this second language.

It was my initial intention to change from Bahasa to English in writing entries in this blog, which is to improve my English. I personally think that there is improvement after two years, although it may not be a lot. It’s better some than nothing, right?

If you realize, I use simple English in all of the entries. That explains a lot in what level my English is. No bombastic words with simple sentence structure but yet grammatically correct, I hope. But still I’m learning to wide up the vocabulary because English is a language rich of words.

I have thought of commencing another blog fully written in Bahasa, but I’m afraid I’ll be neglecting this one. Then I have no options but to force my brain to think in English. Well, what’s the point of studying in an international university (note: IIUM) while you can’t speak and think in international language right?

Ya Allah, please guide me to betterment. Amin...


lutfi lukman said...

I have an idea, why don't u write in bahasa, then try to translate it into english, not just simple english, try something more advance, with a little jargons and a little twist of phrases. Kalo ada hasil, bgtau la aku. Aku malas, so aku bagi ko eksperimen. huhu

:: !zyan :: said...

hihi bgs cadangan luppi..

anyway practice makes PERFECT !!

Unknown said...

itu mcm ka.. itu makin amik masa yang lebih lame ok~ thanks for the suggestion anyway. nay be i should read more english literature to gain more phrases and jargons.. kan?

that's exactly what i am doing now.. writing entries in the blog in english, just a matter of writing in more advanced stage.

*matila aku balas mende ni walhal luppi kat sebelah aku je ;p

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