Monday, November 19, 2007

On the Island

I'm posting this directly from Pulau Pangkor, Perak. I love and am happy being here. The next two days will be exciting since we've planned many things to do. You can expect when my odah friends gather around - it'll be chaotic and havoc! It's just 7 of us. Fiza cannot make it with us. If he's here, it'll be more and more exciting (with his never-stop-from-talking mouth of course).

About the entry for visit to Terengganu, I've finished it but I don't bring it to Pulau Pangkor because I didn't expect the internet service is available here. Later ok?

The rate or cyber cafe here is quite expensive. RM4/30 minutes for foreigner visitors and RM4/hour for Malaysian. Is it fair? Surely NO.


jennz said...

naak ikoottt!!~


szakif said...

tabley~ lalala~

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