Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Change

Frankly it was difficult for me to make a decision to cut my hair that I kept for 4-5 months. It wasn't easy until I came to a stage where 50-cent coin decided for me.
Wau bulan means CUT the hair,
Tepak Sirih means KEEP it!
I threw the coin, it flew up and I let it touch the ground freely. It showed wau bulan. That's it. It's time for another bodily change.
There you go... New hairstyle and you know what... I love it!
You say?


arshana said...


szakif said...


simple rhyme said...

a'ah la.. nampak lagi ok dari rambut lame.. lagi macho.. (ah,prasan la tuh!)

Mohammad Ihab Ismail said...


Hehe.. Technoooo..
Looks like a NEW YOU

nabihah said...

sgt ok! hr tuh, aku n farah duk ngata baik ko dr jauh je, x brani nk phewit2 ngeh2

moon said...

sgt comey! naseb baik ta dpt tgk dpn mate. hehe

szakif said...

simple rhyme..
blushing aku~*

..and i love the new me.. haha~

wahaha~ ade hati ke nak phewit2 aku.. blushing ar camni..~*

kak moon..
kalu nampak depan mate akak nak buat pe? keskeskes~

mirul said...

first of all, aku tak paham naper ko diet bcoz ure not even fat to begin with!!!

but, u look very, very good. i am so proud of yah!

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