Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Schedule

It’s hard to convince people when I talk about my schedule during this 3-month break. I don’t lie about this, but still they found it’s hard to believe that I can endure such life.

I’m not infected by T. brucei gambiense which causes West African sleeping sickness, and neither T. brucei rhodesiense that causes East African sleeping sickness [practice what you learn right?] where the sufferer cannot sleep during the night. Surely it’s almost impossible because there’s no tsetse fly vectoring the Trypanosoma sp parasites here!

It’s only me who prefer to do so i.e. not to sleep at night. OK, 2 questions: Why and How.

Why I do so?

Answer: simply because I cannot sleep! I’ve tried many things to make me feel bored and sleepy but when I put my head on the pillow, nothing happens. Then I decided: That’s it; I’m not going to sleep until Subh. Apart from that, I have not much jobs to do from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., plus that most TV programs during that period are nothing but craps. So it’s better if I sleep then!

How do I fill the hours during the night?

First, I would like to admit that I regret that I unsubscribe to Streamyx that connects me to the world, but I’ll be more regretful later if I waste my money for the service that I don’t use. So the TV is my virtual wife with whom I spend my hours IF there’s interesting shows to watch. Or else, I’ll just go in front of my laptop, watching free movies that I got from LAN of UIA Gombak. They are numerous!

Other than that, sometimes, if there’s any home work to do, I will do like washing dishes in the kitchen, lipat pakaian, and any works that produce least sound because the rest of my family members are sleeping and I respect their need to get rest. Besides that, I’ve got collections of books primarily Reader’s Digest to read. They have been there in my cupboard months with no one interested to look at it because no one in my family can actually read English matters other than me.

Then at 5 a.m., I’ll start preparing sandwiches to be sold at my mum’s restaurant. Yes, sandwich and I cannot be separated now; for some reasons that I myself don’t know. Hoho... It takes about 30-45 minutes to finish it and usually it’s already Subh time when I’ve tidied all things up. It’s an advantage for me because I will not miss Subh prayer with this schedule of mine. After that, it’s only then that I can actually sleep and I really feel annoyed when my sleep is interrupted by noise like phone calls, my nenek waking me up and asking me unnecessary favors, and people taking bath next to my room. Argh! Shut up! It’s my time to sleep people!

Usually when I wake up, it’s nearly Zuhr time, or most frequently it’s already it. It’s normal for a 22-year old guy to have 7-hour sleep isn’t it? 6.30 a.m. to 1.30 pm or later usually... what’s the matter? Hoho... only then that I’ll be completely normal being living life as Muhammad Zaki bin Ramli.

Sometimes Burok (previously known as Inner) accompanies me when I sleep.

Sometimes I invite this fierce one to sleep with me...

Memang buruk kan perangai Burok ni? He lacks attention when we a family watch the TV, so that's why.


k.ila said...

huh!!!!that Y received yr sms at akak replying yr sms at 7am.than zaki reply again at mean 12 hours p'bezaan zaki hntar sms kat akak.kmungkinan besar 4pm zaki just wake up fr sleapg.x gitu:p

kingbinjai said...

entah macam mana, aku tersesat ke sini.

szakif said...

ala kak ila.. takde mende nak dimalukan. kalu saya malu, sy takkan buat posting ni in the first place ok~

selamat datang kingbinjai

sarahilya said...

zaki!!....comelnye kucing2 tu. can i have 1??...hehe...just kidding(^_^)

szakif said...

ooo.. ko tgh online ye... btw, takleh. tu je la kucing aku yang tinggal. huhu~

moon said...

teringat sandwich time kat uia dulu.. huhu

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