Tuesday, July 07, 2009

For Now, I Have to Keep It to Myself

Since my last post, I have been asked many times by many people about my planning for the post grad plans.

Truth be told, I was and still am disappointed with the disapproval for pursuing my Master programme for the July intake. Apparently, the 3 times going back and forth from Banting to Gombak just to submit the form were not worth it when I knew the form was not processed yet just because I didn't submit the full transcript while I was informed that it was OK just to have the partial transcript upon submission at the counter. Haiyoh...

Thus, I have made my plan which I am not ready to announce publicly yet. This is nothing but to avoid people making misleading speculations like, "Zaki dah nak kahwin", "Zaki dah benci UIA" etc. Haha... Giving such examples I think is enough to trigger people to make speculations. Haiyoh...

By the way, I really appreciate those who ask me directly about my plan. Insya Allah when everything is confirmed, I'll write about it and explain why I choose to do that. Thanks also to family members of Kulliyyah of Science for the concern about my Master programme application.

For now, I am just afraid I'll break many hearts when the decision is finalized.


As said...

sambil2 decide, doa pada Dia moga semua mahkluk yang di langit dan di bumi merasa senang dgan keputusan yg zaki buat :)

with my prayers

Anti Agni said...



Kami merupakan pekerja2 dari sebuah kilang di Shah Alam, Agni Energie Sdn Bhd yang diberhentikan secara besar-besaran tanpa pampasan dan gaji.

Majikan kami merupakan sebuah syarikat multinasional yang sedang cuba melarikan diri ke luar negara.

Bantulah kami untuk mendptkan hak kami.

Kami perlukan trafik dan follower untuk BLOG kami. (kami dah jd follower blog anda juga)

Bantuan anda amat2... tersangat2 diperlukan.


FRM said...

eh eh.. da nk kawin ek?? :D

Shamel said...

whoaa, moga2 keputusan kao membawa kebaikan kepada makhluk2 alam ni. All the bestttesstt!

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